Free Hosting vs Paid Hosting

If we have never blogged before, maybe we thought it would invest a lot of money to create a new site. Free blog hosting offer a risk free solution to create a website, but it has some limitations. Before we decide to choose between free hosting and paid hosting, let’s look at the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Blog paid hosting needs investment

When we made the blog a paid hosting account, means that we have to pay more for creating and running a website. It may be the fear of some new bloggers because they are worried about not getting any of the money they spend.

However, in addition to the benefits described below, paid blog hosting signifies a commitment. This creates motivation for us to add content to a blog on a regular basis and learn more about blogging to increase success.

Free blog hosting to use a sub-domain

There are some free blog hosting services available. When registering a free account, we will get a sub-domain to our blog content, for example

With a paid blog hosting, we can build our own domain as It is possible to select a sub-domain name we liked. In addition to the domain name itself will lend credibility to our website.

Blog hosting pay-creating brand recognition

While free blog hosting is not charged, but the drawback is that every time the user type blog address in the browser or clicking on a link in the search results, they will see our blog by host name that we use.

In contrast, the paid hosting blog we have full control over our sites. We can set up their own blog name, look, and how to organize our site.

Free blog hosting have limited options

Modern blogging platform like WordPress offers a variety of plugins, themes, and tools to help us attract the reader and make the content interesting. While free blog hosts have access and limited features.

Using a free hosted blog is a bad idea in SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Basically, a free hosted blog search rankings in search engines less than the paid blog hosts.

Blog hosts pay offer better features

Some blog hosts paid services provide features such as access to tools, resources and training materials more depth to help users. New bloggers do not have to struggle to compete with people who have become bloggers for years. It is an advantage that is better than a free hosted blog.

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