Cloud Hosting Murah

Kamu masih kebingungan dalam mencari sebuah Cloud Web Hosting Indonesia paling murah? Baiklah, saya berikan sebuah penyedia Web Hosting yang sangat direkomendasikan untuk kamu yang sedang mencari Web Hosting dengan harga murah.

Jika kamu sedang mencari Web Hosting, maka percayakanlah pada IDCloudHost. Percayalah, bahwasanya IDCloudHost ini merupakan sebuah layanan Web Hosting No. 1 di Indonesia.


PT. Cloud Hosting Indonesia (IDCloudHost) ini merupakan salah satu perusahaan Web Hosting yang sudah berbadan hukum resmi di Indonesia.

IDCloudHost ini memberikan pilihan data center yang sudah tersebar di berbagai Negara, seperti di Indonesia, Singapura dan juga Inggris.

Perlu diketahu, bahwasanya IDCloudHost ini menggunakan sebuah Teknologi paling bagus, sehingga akan memberikan keamanan maupun performa sangat bagus dengan SLA sekitar 99,99%.

Jika misalkan kamu berlangganan di sana dan ternyata mengalami kesulitan, mereka telah meberikan pelayanan dan bantuan support 24/7 bagi kamu selaku pelanggan atau konsumen mereka.

Untuk performanya sendiri sudah tidak diragukan lagi, bahwasanya Server SSD yang digunakan oleh mereka berbasis Linux berperforma tinggi dan tentunya harganya pun sangat terjangkau.

Hosting yang digunakan oleh IDCloudHost sendiri menggunakan processor tercepat yang ada di pasaran Cloud Hosting, yakni Intel E5 Processor.

Agar performanya lebih maksimal, mereka juga menggunakan sebuah SSD hosting untuk mendapatkan sebuah performa yang lebih cepat dan pastinya sangat aman.

Pada paket hosting di IDCLoudHost, mereka menggunakan bandwidth tanpa batas (Unlimited Bandwidth) guna meningkatkan performa website yang kamu kelola.

Harga berlangganan di IDCloudHost ini sangatlah murah, benar-benar murah. Dengan mengeluarkan uang sebesar Rp. 15.000 – Rp. 20.000 saja kamu sudah mampu mendapatkan hosting dengan spesifikasi:
– CPU: Single Core
– Storage Space: 500 MB
– Virtual Memory: 256 MB
– Bandwidth: Unlimited

Disamping itu, apabila kamu berlangganan sebuah hosting di IDCloudHost, maka kamu akan diberikan Domain TLD secara cuma-Cuma setiap pembelian satu hosting.

Apabila kamu seorang pemula, di website resminya terdapat sebuah panduan yang sangat berguna untuk proses pembuatan website yang akan kamu kelola. Pada panduan tersebut terdapat beberapa artikel, diantaranya:
– Billing
– Cara Order
– CPanel
– Domain
– E-Mail
– Hosting
– Program CSR
– Program Reseller
– Tutorial
– Panduan Umum
– VPS Server

Setiap artikel tersebut didalamnya terdapat banyak sekali artikel lain yang sangat berguna bagi kamu. Apa kamu tertarik untuk berlangganan di IDCloudHost?

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Presidents Day home appliance deals

Unless you’re George Washington himself, the thing to celebrate on Presidents Day is getting a great deal on a big purchase. Most retailers have already started the savings, and many sales last throughout February.

Consider this my official endorsement of a slate of candidates for a kitchen or laundry room remodel. After all, they’re the best deals you can get on home appliances this Presidents Day.

Best Sales on Cooking Appliances

Buy at Home Depot for $497.70—SAVE $201.30

This electric, smoothtop, stainless steel self-cleaning range with steam clean is such a great product that I put it in my own kitchen the last time the price dropped below $500. It’s one of the least expensive ways to give your kitchen a modern upgrade—and it’s a great product, too! That’s how it won one of’s coveted Best of Year awards. It was $449 on Black Friday, but this is the cheapest we’ve seen it since.

AJ Madison also a gas version—the WFG505M0BS—which sells for just $444.10. That’s a $254 discount!

Samsung Convection Ranges

Buy at Home Depot—SAVE up to $401.50

These gas and electric ranges from Samsung are currently the least expensive models you can buy that also come with convection, which helps cook food more evenly. Samsung makes great high-end ranges, but these entry level models are also worth a look—especially if you’re serious about baking but don’t want to spend a fortune.

Gas model NX58H5600SS sells for $697.50—SAVE $401.50
Electric model NE59J3420SS sells for $599.40—SAVE $199.60

Best Sales on Refrigerators

Maytag MFI2570FEZ
(Photo: Whirlpool Corp.)
Whirlpool WRF535SMBM French Door Refrigerator in Stainless

Buy at Home Depot for $997.20—SAVE $701.80

This is a closeout deal on one of our favorite affordable French door fridges. With a stainless exterior, a popular size, and a French door format, you can instantly upgrade your kitchen for under $1,000. That even includes free delivery! It also did well in our tests.

Samsung RF18HFENBSR Counter Depth French Door Refrigerator in Stainless

Buy at Home Depot for $1098.00—SAVE $401.99

This is one of the best prices we’ve ever seen on a counter depth fridge, which tend to be more expensive because of their slimmer form factor. This 18 cu. ft. model is ideal for smaller kitchens, where you don’t want a fridge that sticks out beyond the cabinets. It gets rave user reviews, and we’ve had good things to say about similar models we’ve tested.

Kenmore 51793 21 cu. ft. Side-by-Side Refrigerator in Stainless, Black, or White

Buy at Sears for $899.99—SAVE $500

This is one of the lowest prices we’ve ever seen on a side-by-side fridge with through-the-door ice and water. Normally, $999 is a good buy—but this will save you an additional $100 over that! Plus, Sears is offering free delivery on appliance purchases over $399.

Kenmore 41153 25 cu. ft. Side-by-Side Refrigerator in Stainless

Buy at Sears for $799.99—SAVE $540

If you want more space and don’t want a through-the-door ice and water dispenser, you can save even more—and still get free delivery from Sears. We tested the 41153 and found it to be a good fridge for the money.

Maytag MFI2570FEZ French Door Refrigerator in Stainless

Buy at Home Depot for $1597.50—SAVE $502

Want a traditional French door fridge in stainless? We like this spacious Maytag. It doesn’t have fancy features, but it does keep food cold—and installing it makes for an easy kitchen remodel. Free delivery doesn’t hurt, either

Best Sales on Dishwashers

Frigidaire Gallery FGID2466QF Dishwasher
(Photo: / Johnny Yu)
Whirlpool WDF520PADM Dishwasher in Stainless

Buy at Home Depot for $348—SAVE $151

This isn’t the best deal we’ve seen on one of our favorite budget dishwashers—it dropped to $275 back on Black Friday. Still, if you need a good dishwasher with a stainless front, this isn’t a bad price.

KitchenAid KDTE104ESS Stainless Dishwasher

Buy at Home Depot for $648—SAVE $251

Upgrade to a quiet, all-stainless KitchenAid for a very low price. With luxury touches like smooth-gliding racks, it’ll almost make doing dishes feel fun.

Frigidaire FGID2466QF Stainless Dishwasher

Buy at Home Depot for $397.80—SAVE $201.20

We tested this Frigidaire and appreciated how many special features it adds over more basic machines. It washed and dried well, too.

SPT – 22″ countertop portable dishwasher​

Buy at Best Buy for $200.79—SAVE $50.20

If your apartment doesn’t have a dishwasher, you’re missing out on convenience, cleanliness, and—believe it or not—water savings. With its price at an all-time low, you really should think about buying this countertop model, which hooks up easily to a sink and does a great job cleaning. However, to get the full sale, you have to take an extra step on the last page for checking out. When it’s time to enter your credit card, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on “Enter a promo code.” Then, type in “SAVEONSMALLS.”

Best Sales on Laundry

Kenmore 21532 Washer
(Photo: / Jonathan Chan)
Electrolux EFLW417SIW Washing Machine

Buy at Sears for $599.99—SAVE $200

This is the best price we’ve ever seen on one of the best-performing front-load washers we’ve ever tested. While a full price of $799 shows on, you have to go all the way through the checkout process until the further $200 discount is applied—plus free shipping. That’s about $100 less than we’ve ever seen this washer elsewhere.

GE GFWR2700HWW Front-loading Washing Machine

Buy at Appliances Connection for $799—SAVE $301

We like this GE front-load washer because it’s designed to sit higher up so it’s easier to load and unload. It also did really well in our performance tests, and gets great reviews from owners, too. It usually goes on sale for $899—but Appliances Connection has it discounted to $799 with free shipping. That’s a deal worth snapping up.

Kenmore 25132 Top Load Washing Machine

Buy at Sears for $429.99—SAVE $290

One of our top-rated top-load washing machines is on sale for an additional $20 off its usual sale price—plus free shipping.

The sales and the stores

Appliance shopping
(Photo: Getty Images / Scott Olson)
• Home Depot has sales that run through 2/28/17 and include free delivery on appliance purchases over $396
• Lowe’s has appliance sales that run from 2/15/17 through 2/28/17
• Sears has free delivery on orders over $399, plus no interest for 12 months on purchases over $499 made with a Sears card.
• Appliances Connection offers free delivery, deferred interest for 18 months, and a $100 Visa gift card for all purchases over $2499. Its sales run through 2/28/17.
AJ Madison offers free delivery on sales over $499, no interest for 18 months on purchases over $599, and a $100 Visa gift card for all purchases over $2499. Its sales run through 2/28/17.
• JC Penney offers no interest for up to 30 months on purchases over $799 through 2/20/17, and free delivery on appliance purchases over $299.
• Abt and PC Richard don’t have sales up yet—but I’ll update this article as soon as they do.

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Rafting di Sungai

Jawa Tengah ternyata menyimpan banyak sungai besar yang menarik untuk diarungi. Selain Sungai Elo-Progo yang ada di Magelang, mengarungi Sungai Bogowonto di Purworejo ternyata tak kalah serunya.

Bagi Anda penyuka olahraga pemacu adrenalin seperti rafting, sungai ini memiliki sensasi tersendiri saat mengarunginya. KompasTravel berkesempatan menaklukan jeram demi jeram Sungai Bogowonto saat acara famtrip media dan blogger oleh Dinas Pemuda Olahraga dan Pariwisata (Dinporapar) Jawa Tengah, Rabu (15/2/2017).

BACA: Dulu Dianggap Angker, Sungai Progo Kini Jadi Lokasi Rafting

Sungai yang membatasai Kabupaten Purworejo dan Yogyakarta ini memiliki topografi yang beragam, seperti palung dan jeram batu besar.

“Serunya di Sungai Bogowonto ini selain ada DAM, jenis batuannya beberapa karst, tak hanya andesit dan endapan. Jadi pemandangannya pun lebih bagus, dan kelokan-kelokannya ekstrem,” ujar Sayful Muzam, salah satu pengelola sekaligus skipper (pemandu) rafting.

Wisatawan memulai petualangan dari Jalan Ir Juanda Ring Road Utara No 2, Purworejo, sebagai meeting point. Dari sana wisatawan dibawa menggunakan angkot ke basecamp pertama yaitu Pasar Bohiliwung. Titik start rafting berada persis di belakangnya.

Terlihat air sungai yang berwarna cokelat akibat derasnya hujan semalam. Permukaannya pun cenderung tenang. Setelah selesai pemanasan dan beberapa teknik dasar mengarungi jeram, Sayfull Muzam pun mulai memimpin kelompok wisatawan. Irzal Adiakurnia
Wisatawan yang mengikuti rafting di Sungai Bogowonto, Purworejo akan memulai kembali perjalanannya setelah sempat terhenti karena tak bisa melewati DAM setinggi tima meter, alhasil harus berjalan melalui sisi sungai, Rabu ( 15/2/2017). Operator rafting memprediksi DAM tertinggi di Sungai Bogowonto itu sedang kurang aman dilalui wisatawan akibat debit air tinggi.
Pada 200 meter pertama wisatawan disambut arus tenang, pemandangan awan, dan pepohonan yang rindang. Rafting itu pun terasa hampir membosankan karena Sungai Bogowonto seolah berdamai dengan rombongan wisatawan yang terbagi dalam tiga perahu.

Namun, tak lama kemudian, terlihat air beriak yang menandakan adanya jeram di depan mata, skipper (pemandu rafting) pun memberi aba-aba untuk bersiap bahwa permainan baru dimulai. Jeram-jeram di sungai ini cenderung panjang, saling sambung-menyambung, sehingga wisatawan harus selalu waspada.

Terdapat beberapa jeram berbentuk pillow atau jeram yang tersembunyi di balik air, seolah tak terlihat. Air yang tenang pun kerap menyembunyikan jeram yang menantang.
BACA: Menjajal Derasnya Arus Sungai Terbaik untuk Rafting di Jateng

Seketika perahu yang KompasTravel naiki pun terombang-ambing di sebuah jeram bernama junglo. Dua orang anggota terpental dari perahu dan sempat hanyut beberapa meter, beruntung skipper dan satu orang rescue belum terlambat melemparkan tali, sehingga bisa di tarik mendekat ke perahu.

“Tangkap talinya! Pakai pegangan dayungnya buat nyambil tali itu,” ujar Sayful. Kurang dari lima menit pun dua wisatawan yang hanyut kembali diatas perahu.

Sesampainya di tengah perlintasan, wisatawan di sambut oleh DAM terbesar di sungai ini. Beberapa tim mendiskusikan dahulu apakan akan melewati DAM ini atau tidak. Ternyata perintah dari tim rescue ialah menepi, karena debit air tak aman untuk melintasi DAM setinggi tiga meter tersebut. Irzal Adiakurnia
Karakter jeram yang melebar dan panjang Sungai Bogowonto membuat perahu wisatawan sempat berputar dan terbaik. Semua wisatawan dalam perahu yang dinaiki KompasTravel pun terpencar di aliran sungai, untungnya kurang dari lima menit, satu persatu berhasil diamankan oleh tim rescue, Rabu (15/2/2017).
Wisatawan pun menepi, melewati DAM tersebut dengan berjalan di sisi sungai, seraya berfoto ria dengan latar belakang rintangan tersebut.

“Debit air belum aman, karena dibawah DAM ada pusaran hidrolik statik yang berbahaya ketika debit air besar,” ujar sang skipper. Ia pun menyarankan waktu yang cukup aman melewati DAM tersebut sekitar bulan April-Mei, dimana debit air cenderung cukup dan stabil.

Sekitar 400 meter sebelum finish, wisatawan dikejutkan dengan jeram kedung wadas. Karakter jeram yang melebar dan panjang membuat perahu sempat berputar dan terbaik. Semua wisatawan dalam perahu yang dinaiki KompasTravel pun terpencar di aliran sungai.

Sungai Bogowonto seolah mempertontonan kegagahannya. Stigma rafting yang membosankan di awal pun sirna. Untungnya satu persatu anggota kelompok pun bisa diamankan. Ada yang terperangkap di dalam perahu, ada yang berpegangan erat di sisi perahu, juga ada yang hanyut beberapa meter.

“Wahaha seru! Ternyata air yang tenang di sini suka menipu. Sampai saya hanyut dua kali,” ujar Aji, salah satu wisatawan yang ikut Famtrip Dinporapar Jawa Tengah, Rabu (15/2/2017).
BACA: Rafting di Sungai Ayung, Meliuk-liuk di Celah Batu Terjal…

Lukisan alami yang eksotik di tebing-tebing batuan karst pun menandakan finish yang sudah dekat. Arus tenang sepanjang 50 meter di akhir perlintasan memberikan wisatawan rehat dari petualangan yang cukup menguras adrenalin.

Tak terasa jalur sepanjang lima kilometer pun telah dilalui wisatawan selama dua jam. Jalur tersebut merupakan yang terpendek untuk rafting di sungai ini dengan tingkat kesulitan tiga.

“Ada tiga pilihan yang bisa dicoba wisatawan, 5 kilometer dengan biaya Rp 650.000/perahu, 7 kilometer Rp 750.000/perahu, lalu 12 kilometer dengan grade lima, Rp 1 juta/perahu,” ujar Wahyudi, ketua Bogowonto Indonesia Adventure, sebagai operator rafting satu-satunya di Sungai Bogowonto, Rabu (15/2/2017).

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Web Hosting Terbaik

Memiliki yang hosting yang tepat untuk website Anda adalah penting untuk keberhasilan dan kelangsungan bisnis online Anda. Membuat pilihan yang salah bisa mengakibatkan hilangnya lalu lintas, dan beberapa kecelakaan server lain yang akhirnya menurunkan nilai dan reputability usaha eCommerce Anda. manajemen server miskin dan alokasi sumber daya dapat menyebabkan apa pun dari beban halaman lambat untuk server crash, dan bahkan menurun peringkat mesin pencari. Tanpa yang tepat hosting, hampir tidak mungkin untuk memiliki website atau blog Anda tampil maksimal, terutama karena Anda mulai menerima lebih banyak pengunjung setiap hari dan memperbarui situs Anda dengan konten. Jika Anda ingin membuat website Anda sesukses mungkin, maka Anda harus memiliki akses ke layanan yang tepat hosting.
Continue reading

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Early President’s Day Sale

DELL INSPIRON 15 7000 Intel Core i7-6700HQ Quad-Core 1080p 15.6″ Gaming Laptop w/ GTX 960m 4GB GPU, 16GB RAM, 128GB SSD + 1TB HDD for $899.99 (use code: M51GTMF?VFBFP3 – list price $1350).

Dell XPS 8910 Intel Core i5-6400 Quad-Core Win10 Pro Desktop for $499.99 (use code: XPS499 – list price $749.99).

Sony PlayStation 4 Slim Uncharted Bundle + Bonus Controller for $249.99.

Sony PlayStation 4 Slim Uncharted Bundle + $50 Dell Gift Card for $249.99.

Tobii Eye Tracker 4C Head & Eye Tracker PC Gaming & Input Periphral (Works on Watch Dogs 2, Deus Ex & more) for $109.99 (use code: EYE40 – list price $149.99).

See Dell’s Entire Presidents’ Day Sale with Doorbuster and more

Bose SoundTrue Around Ear Wired Headphones for $89.99 (list price $119.99).

Nucleus Anywhere Video Intercom with Amazon Alexa for $149 (list price $249).

Laptop & Desktop Computers

Dell Inspiron 15 5000 Intel Core i7-6500U 15.6″ 1080p Laptop with Windows 7/10 Pro, 4GB AMD Radeon R5 GPU, 8GB RAM, and 1TB HDD for $549.00 (use code: EXTRA190 – list price $845).

Dell Inspiron 15 3000 Intel Core i3-5005U 15.6″ Win7 Pro Laptop for $299.00 (use code: LT299 – list price $475.85).

New Dell Inspiron 15 7000 Intel Core i5 Quad-Core Kaby Lake 15.6″ 1080p Gaming Laptop w/ 4GB GTX 1050Ti for $849.99 (list price $899.99).

Dell Inspiron 14 Intel Celeron N3060 Dual-Core 14″ Laptop with Windows 10 for $149.99 (list price $249.99).

Dell PowerEdge T130 Intel Celeron G3900 Dual-Core Server Desktop (4GB/500GB) $229.00 (use code: SERVER200 – list price $429).

1-Year NordVPN Anonymous VPN Service (PCmag Editor’s Choice) for $48 (use code: GEEK50 – list price ).

Ultimate Web Hosting Package: Domain, Hosting, and Unlimited Email for $3/month at HostGator.

For more Computer deals, visit the TechBargains site.

HDTVs & Home Entertainment

LG 32LH550B 32″ 720p LED LCD HDTV + $100 Dell Gift Card for $209.

Vizio P55-C1 55″ 4K 120Hz HDR Full-Array LED Home Theater Display w/ 126 Dimming Zones + $400 Dell Gift Card for $1099.99.

55″ Samsung 4K UltraHD LED HDTV w/ HDR + $250 Dell Gift Card for $799.99.

Vizio SB4051-D5 Smartcast 40″ 5.1ch Slim Sound Bar System w/ Wireless Subwoofer + $150 Dell GC for $429.98.

Electronics & Components

Kingston HyperX Alloy FPS Mechanical Gaming Keyboard w/ Cherry MX Brown Switches for $79.99 (list price $99.99).

Annke 720p Wireless IP Camera w/ 2-Way Audio for $45.59 (use code: GL9KXACE – list price $59.99).

Seagate SkyHawk 2TB 3.5″ Internal SATA Surveillence Hard Drive for $63.99 (list price $98.89).

WEme Mini Displayport/Thunderbolt 2 to DVI Adapter for $3.96 (use code: QD5RL8F7 – list price $9.99).

10 LED Solar Waterproof Wireless Motion Sensor Lights (2-pk) for $11.99 (use code: I8PFAJ4E – list price $18.99).

Magicfly Wireless Doorbell w/ 52 Chimes & Remote for $9.74 (use code: YPIAWTUS – list price $12.99).

For more Electronics deals, visit the TechBargains site.

Home & Miscellaneous

Udemy $10 Online Courses: Learn to Code by Making Games, iOS or Android Apps, Project Management, Network Certifications and more.

Bosch Icon Windshield Wiper Blades Sale – from $12.29 to $20.23 with 15% off Subscribe & Save (Lowest prices of the season).

Instant Pot IP-LUX60 V3 Programmable Electric Pressure Cooker, 6Qt, 1000W (updated model) for $79.99 (list price $99.99).

Gooloo Portable DC 12V Car Air Compressor Pump for $23.75 (use code: IP84QAXY – list price $32.99).

Dell Presidents Day Sale

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Music Store Closing Sale

Butler Music at 103 W. Dakota St. on the Butler Square is closing our retail store so all of our new display, demo, used, discontinued, returned, and AS-IS merchandise must go. Everything is selling at or below cost and all items are marked with special Blow-out Sale price tags. Each item is also clearly marked as to whether it is a

New, Demo, Used or As-Is item .

We are selling hundreds of great guitars , ukuleles, banjos, mandolins and other instruments, as well as a very nice Baby Grand Piano, keyboard, guitars amps, pedals, accessories, apparel and everything else musical, all at 30-80% off regular list prices.

All items marked NEW may be returned any time within 7 days for a full refund or exchanged any time within 30 days for other merchandise or credit against future purchases . All Demo items may be exchanged any time within 30 days for other merchandise or for credit against future purchases. All Used items may be exchanged any time within 10 days for other merchandise .

All As-is items are sold as a final sale and should be tested before leaving the store. As-is items cannot be exchanged, returned , or traded for other merchandise.

Dealers and resellers are welcome. Resale tax numbers are required or sales tax will be collected. Store fixtures also available for sale. Let a staff member know what fixtures you are interested in and we can give you prices. Bulk sales, dealer sales and sales of store fixtures may even be allowed additional discounts over our already crazy low blowout prices . All bulk sales, fixture sales and dealer sales are final.

Cash, All Major Credit cards, Checks, and Paypal are accepted.

If you don’t see what you want , ASK ! We have a 20,000 square foot warehouse filled with musical merchandise and we have many more items we will be putting out on the sales floor as we get more room.

Also, our online business selling new merchandise is NOT closing so anything you see on our website, Ebay, Amazon,, Reverb, or other sites is still in stock and available. We may even give you additional discounts on new merchandise . Just ask.

Sale hours Monday through Friday 9:00-5:30 or call 660-679-3500 during business hours or 816-456-4039 after hours to make an appointment if you are interested in bulk purchases. If you have been looking for a great price on a musical instrument or if you are looking for store stock for your music store, merchandise to sell in your Flea Market booth, or just some great deals, this sale is for you. Sale starts Thursday 2/16 and the store closes on Friday, March 31st. EVERYTHING MUST GO!!!!

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Renovasi Rumah

Rumah merupakan istana bagi pemiliknya, sehingga kenyamanan rumah sangat berperan dalam kehidupan penghuni. Rumah yang nyaman akan membuat penghuni betah dan dapat berisitrahat atau melakukan berbagai aktivitas dengan baik. Pada akhirnya, produktivitas kerja pun juga akan meningkat.

Untuk menyegarkan suasana rumah, kadang dilakukan renovasi pada beberapa bagian tertentu. Dengan demikian, renovasi tidak harus dilakukan sampai ada bagian yang rusak, tapi juga dapat dilakukan sebagai langkah untuk penyegaran kondisi rumah.

Seiring dengan naiknya biaya bahan baku dan juga tenaga kerja di bidang teknik atau pertukangan, tentu biaya untuk melakukan renovasi juga makin meningkat. Bila tidak cermat, bisa saja Anda harus berutang untuk menutupi biaya renovasi rumah atau berutang untuk memenuhi kebutuhan lain akibat dana yang ada tersedot untuk renovasi rumah.

Dalam kesempatan ini, akan dibahas beberapa cara cerdas yang dapat diterapkan untuk melakukan renovasi tanpa harus berutang. Berikut selengkapnya seperti dikutip dari

1. Belanja keperluan sendiri

Untuk menghemat pengeluaran akan bahan material, maka Anda dapat pergi berbelanja sendiri keperluan untuk renovasi rumah. Selain dapat membandingkan dan memastikan untuk mendapat harga yang terbaik, Anda juga dapat membeli bahan secara efisien dan sesuai selera Anda.

Bila tidak begitu memahami mengenai bahan bangunan, Anda dapat mengajak serta orang yang lebih paham atau tukang untuk menemani Anda berbelanja sehingga dapat berdiskusi mengenai bahan yang diperlukan.

2. Berburu diskon

Sama seperti berbelanja kebutuhan sehari-hari, Anda dapat memanfaatkan promo atau diskon tertentu ketika membeli bahan untuk keperluan renovasi. Anda dapat melihat promo atau program diskon pada toko modern.

Sementara bila Anda berbelanja ke toko bangunan tradisional, maka Anda dapat mencoba untuk menawar. Apalagi bila sering membeli barang di toko tertentu sehingga mengenal pemiliknya, mungkin Anda bisa mendapat diskon.

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Guitar Center Introduces New Free Mobile App

Guitar Center, the world’s largest musical instrument retailer, debuts its free mobile app for musicians, granting them unlimited access to new and used gear from their favorite brands, anytime and anywhere. The Guitar Center mobile app is an intuitive retail app for musicians that allows consumers to shop on the go, get personalized notifications, explore product reviews while in the store and much more.

The Guitar Center mobile app features include the following:

Used and Vintage Gear sections that help users easily locate exactly what they are looking for, from the country’s largest selection, at the right price.
Wish Lists that allow users to build their dream gear list or scan a product in the store to add it directly.
A Save Searches function that allows users to get notified when items arrive that match their specific search criteria.
A Barcode Scanner that scans products in the store to bring up reviews and view additional content.
A store locator that includes upcoming in-store events, workshops, and local inventory.
A social feed in the app that allows users to explore what Guitar Center customers are posting on social media and purchase products directly.
Through the ease and convenience of the new mobile app, Guitar Center is giving musicians access to all the gear they can ever imagine right in the palm of their hands, as well as many other invaluable services.

“We’re thrilled to be one of the first retailers in the musical instrument space to launch a mobile app and give our customers another convenient way to shop and be connected to the music community,” said Jeff Wisot, Vice President of Marketing and E-Commerce for Guitar Center. “We’re seeing a significant shift to mobile shopping, and we feel it is important to offer our customers these comprehensive tools.”

Guitar Center’s free mobile app is available now on the iOS App Store and Android Google Play with all the unique features musicians need to help find their sound. Get Guitar Center Presidents Day Sale Now

About Guitar Center
Guitar Center is the world’s largest retailer of guitars, amplifiers, drums, keyboards, recording, live sound, DJ and lighting equipment. With more than 270 stores across the U.S. and one of the top direct sales websites in the industry, Guitar Center has helped people make music for more than 50 years. Guitar Center also provides customers with an in-house, state-of-the-art lesson facility through its GC Lessons programs in more than 100 stores, where musicians of all ages and skill levels can learn to play a variety of instruments in many music genres. Additionally, Guitar Center’s sister brands include Music & Arts, which operates more than 140 stores specializing in band & orchestral instruments for sale and rental, serving teachers, band directors, college professors and students, and Musician’s Friend, a leading direct marketer of musical instruments in the United States. With an unrivalled in-store experience, an industry-leading online presence and passionate commitment to making gear easy-to-buy, Guitar Center is all about enabling musicians and non-musicians alike to experience the almost indescribable joy that comes from playing an instrument. For more information about Guitar Center, please visit

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innovative fitness equipment

Nautilus, Inc. (NYSE: NLS), a leader in innovative fitness equipment, today announced availability of the Bowflex Max Trainer in Switzerland.

“Given strong interest from our global partners, along with the success we have experienced in the U.S. already, we are confident this product will be well received by customers in other markets around the world.”
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“We continually pursue opportunities to make our innovative products accessible to the international marketplace,” said Jeff Collins, Vice President, General Manager – Retail, Nautilus, Inc. “Given strong interest from our global partners, along with the success we have experienced in the U.S. already, we are confident this product will be well received by customers in other markets around the world.”

Trisport AG has partnered with Nautilus, Inc. as a distributor for the Bowflex Max Trainer® in Switzerland. Trisport AG has deep experience in home fitness equipment and broad reach in the DACH region. Its network of consumer facing partners includes leading big box sporting goods outlets, fitness specialty chains, independent stores, as well as specialty markets such as CrossFit® gyms, sports clubs and training centers.

“The demand for cross training products continues to grow, and we are thrilled to partner with home-fitness leader Nautilus, Inc. and bring these one-of-a-kind products to Switzerland,” said Stefan Christen, General Manager, Trisport AG. “This represents a big win for customers seeking innovative, feature-rich exercise equipment, as we can now offer robust fitness solutions from this high-quality, well-known brand.”

Bowflex Max Trainer®: Reinventing the Cardio Machine

The Bowflex Max Trainer® is an all-in-one cardio machine that combines the power of an elliptical and stair stepper to create a one-of-a-kind full body workout that delivers results in 14 minutes.

Bowflex Max Trainer® burns up to 2.5 times the calories of other exercise equipment, and engages the upper body 80 percent more than a traditional elliptical. Its sleek design enables full-body movement while remaining easier on the joints.

Bowflex Max Trainer® also provides users the ability to track their workouts with the free Bowflex Max Trainer® app that wirelessly transfers all workout data via Bluetooth® Smart technology. It tracks every detail — from time on the machine to calories burned — and automatically syncs workout data with Apple Health, Google Fit, as well as MyFitnessPal.

Its space-saving, compact design makes it ideal for workouts even if space is a limitation at home.

Bowflex Max Trainer® has also earned a number of global design awards, including the prestigious Red Dot Design Award and International Design Award (IDA). Bowflex Coupon


Availability: The Bowflex Max Trainer® is available online and in-store at multiple retailers, including Athleticum, SportXX and Ochsner Sports and select fitness and sporting goods specialty stores. Additional retailers may be found at:

About Nautilus, Inc. Headquartered in Vancouver, Wash., Nautilus, Inc. (NYSE: NLS) is a global fitness solutions company that believes everyone deserves a fit and healthy life. With a brand portfolio including Bowflex®, Nautilus®, Octane Fitness®, Schwinn® and Universal®, Nautilus, Inc. develops innovative products to support healthy living through direct and retail channels as well as in commercial channels with Octane Fitness® products.

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Green Hosting

Until we manage to create ships capable of reaching other planets, Earth is all we have. While there are plenty of conversation efforts out there trying to protect our natural resources, what can online businesses do to support these kinds of green efforts? As it turns out, there are a number of green web hosting companies that you can support by purchasing your server space from them.

Today, we’re going to look at what green hosting entails, followed by the top 5 green hosting companies currently in operation.

The Top 5 Green Hosting Companies
Before we look at the inner workings of green hosting, let’s take a look at the top 5 green hosting companies, and how they are earning their place on this list.

1. iPage
Our top company earns their place by being an EPA Green Power Partner. This certifies that their data centers and web servers are powered entirely by wind energy. On top of this, they also purchase Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) to offset the amount of energy they use with additional wind energy. They do this by 200% and put renewable energy back into the power grid.

It gets even better! Their focus on renewable energy has been shown to prevent an annual release of 1,144 tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. This benefit is the equivalent to planting 244 acres of trees or taking 224 cars off the road each year!

If you want a 100% green hosting solution, this is the best option.

2. GreenGeeks
GreenGeeks is also an EPA Green Power Partner. They purchase RECs to offset their energy usage by 300% each year. These certificates replace 615,000 kilowatts of energy with green energy like wind power. They utilize energy efficient servers in their data centers, and even offer a green hosting banner to post on individual sites who are proud to participate.

They offer competitive options for hosting plans, and plenty of features. All of this, while knowing that you’re working with an environmentally conscious company.

3. HostGator
HostGator is one of the most well-known companies currently offering hosting. They contribute to the green cause by offsetting their shared and reseller servers energy consumption by 130% through the purchase of RECs from Texas-based wind companies.

Since they are based out of Houston, they do this to also bolster the local economy and their community’s green efforts. Beyond an entire suite of options for hosting, HostGator also offers a 45-day money-back guarantee.

4. HostPapa
HostPapa is known for purchasing 100% of the energy they use through RECs, thereby giving them their green rating. This ensures that every aspect of their business is powered by renewable energy. While a solid hosting company, they find themselves lower on our list because they don’t purchase more than the equivalent amount as some other companies do.

5. FatCow
Our final host is also an EPA Green Power Partner. They offset their energy uses by 200% by purchasing RECs. Every kilowatt they use is offset by twice the amount of energy generated by wind power. Through this, they are able to prevent the release of 999 metric tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere each and every year.

FatCow has been offering their signature service since 1998 and is known for their simple “one plan, one price” option.

How Does Green Hosting Work?
As the saying goes, “the internet never sleeps.” This means that hosting companies have to keep their data centers up and running every hour of every day. It’s difficult to imagine how much energy that requires, especially when you think about the hundreds of servers hosting thousands of websites in total.

US data centers consumed roughly 70 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity in 2014 alone! That number represents a full 2% of the total energy consumption for the entire nation. Between 2010 and 2014, this represented a full 4% increase in data center energy needs.
This is the equivalent to about 6.4 million American home averages put together. You may be wondering how something like servers and energy consumption can possibly affect the environment, but let’s look at some ways that data centers do indeed have an impact on our planet:

Water for cooling systems – A 200,00 square foot data center uses up to 30 million gallons of water per month!
Batteries – Backup systems use lead-acid batteries to keep servers running if the power goes out. These are made using hazardous mining materials, and require proper disposal when they die.
Cleaning materials – to keep dust out and keep servers clean, toxic chemicals are used in cleaners like bleach, ammonia, and chlorine.
Diesel Fuel – data centers have backup generators that are often powered by diesel fuel. They must be used periodically or the fuel goes bad, causing carbon dioxide emissions.
Computer waste – When components go bad, they must be disposed of. Many end up in landfills where harmful materials can soak into the ground.
These are just some of the ways data centers create their own carbon footprint. That’s why it’s important to support green hosting companies as they are at the forefront of minimizing things like emissions and energy use.

The number of people purchasing hosting has only gone up until now, and as more and more people are finding out that they can purchase hosting and start a blog online, the number of data centers will only grow from here.

Green hosts, also known as “eco-friendly” hosts, seek to save as much energy as possible and supplement their energy through renewable resources. Many of today’s top hosts are switching out their diesel generators for things like solar and wind power.

Top green hosting companies also have safe disposal plans for their computers, batteries, and anything else containing toxic substances so these things don’t get placed into the environment. They do recycling and responsible disposal methods to achieve this.

Another way they “go green” is by purchasing RECs or “renewable energy certificates” that outweigh their use of non-renewable energy. These certificates go towards projects that are using renewable options like wind power, solar energy, hydroelectricity, and other options to provide power.

Some data centers plant trees around their buildings or purchasing “energy star” approved servers as well to become as green as possible.

Let’s look at how you can be sure that your chosen host is actually as green as they say.

How to Tell if Your Hosting Company is Actually Green
Any hosting company can claim that they are green, but if you want to be absolutely sure, you’ll need to do a little research. Here’s what I recommend you look at when considering a “green” host:

Check Their RECs – Find out which agency the host is purchasing their renewable energy credits from, and check that they are a reputable seller of these credits.
Go Through Their Terms and Policies – Take a look at the host’s legal documentation to see what they actually do to claim that they are green.
Check Their Servers – Take a look at the servers they use. Are they energy star rated and certified to reduce power consumption?
Keeping these things in mind will help you ensure you’re actually choosing a green hosting company.

Final Thoughts
Green hosting is a great way to do your part as a business or as a website owner. By supporting these types of companies, we can continue to reduce the strain that massive data centers have on the environment.

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